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Friday, December 10, 2010

Facebook is at it again!

Well it's been awhile since I have used the blog. Mainly because all has been quiet on the facebook front for the last several months. But now it seems that the fb police are at it again. Rumors are going around that they are shutting sites down that are doing giveaways. Apparently they don't want fanpages to do giveaways because they want us to advertise with them. While it's hard to know if this is true or not, or even if it would happen to me, it's just not worth taking the chance. I love all my fans, and would hate to wake up one morning to find my page no longer exists. I have worked extremely hard to build this fan base, and I would be crushed if I had to start all over again. So for now I am going to do my giveaways and referral contests on my blog. Since I have a blog tab you can click on my fanpage, it should be pretty effortless. The next post will be in reference to my December referral contest. Stay tuned! :)

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