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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Since I am having difficulties posting my toddler barrettes on my website, I thought I would post them here so you can take a peak.

These are bowtie clippies and come in a variety of ribbon choices. I will post new ribbon options soon.
Cost $3.00 per set.

These are ribbon lined clips. They are simple and yet still very pretty. Numerous ribbon styles available and will be posted soon. $2.00 per set.

I don't really have a name for these clippies, but they are a popular style. I'll call them button clippies. Numerous color choices available. $3.00 per set.

I don't have a name for these either. How about ribbon daisy clippies?? The name may change. These too are a popular seller. Cost $3.00 per set.

Mini daisy clippies with button center.These are my personal favorites. I love the way these look in my girls hair. Small, yet very girlie! Numerous colors available for ribbon as well as flower petals.  You can contact me with you color preferences, and I'll shoe you what I have. Cost $3.00 per set.

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